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Monday, April 21, 2014

ways of life

life isn't about something
that we can go through the flow of it
life is about how we handle and control
the flow of the journey

if we can handle it nicely
we will be in peace and restly
if we lost control of handling it
we'll be in terible

not all time we can rest
and not all time
we'll be in terrible...

life can be vice versa...
life taught us about many things...
life is nothing without challenging

same goes with

love is nothing without hurting
love is nothing if there is no jealousy
love is nothing if we can't tolerate

no success without failure
no success without sacrification
no success without learning....

keep in mind
in the ways of finishing my studies
two months to go
pray for the best
keep calm
always be a positive thinker....